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Flu and cold top the 2013 chart of medical search terms

BPA Linked To Obesity In Girls Aged 9 To 12

Stem Cell Research Shows ALS May Be Treatable

Scientist Uncovers How Airway Cells Regenerate After Chlorine Gas Injury

Elderly Aspirin Users More Likely To Develop Macular Degeneration

Statin Drugs May Lead To Co-Q10 Deficiency, Diabetes Risk

Gastric Bypass Surgery Corrects Genes As Well As Shrinking Waists

Diabetes Drug May Restore Memory In Alzheimer's

Healthy Diet Protects Against Recurrent Heart Attacks & Strokes

Daily Bread May Protect From Cardiovascular Disease

Stem Cells Provide Hope For A Potential Treatment of Glaucoma

Scientists Find Evidence For "Chemo Brain" In Scans

Kids From Low Income Families Use Brains Differently

Grapefruit Mixed With Prescription Drugs Can Be Deadly

Fast Cycling Benefits Parkinson's Patients

Immune System Gene May Be Linked To Alzheimer's

Antibiotic Resistance Major Public Health Problem

Childhood Abuse Results In Poor Health Outcomes In Adulthood

Promising Results In Three Ongoing Breast Cancer Trials

Math Anxiety: The Brain Can Feel The Pain

Cheap, Ultra-Sensitive Colour Test Spots Early HIV, Cancer

Bacteria Test Could Prevent Deadly Infections In Newborns

Pharmaceutical Research Center Chemical Analysis Department

ceremony of egg painting for Norooz in Dr. Sheikh Hospital

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